Verses by Date & Title

January 1st - Back to the Basics
January 2nd - If Ye Then Be Risen
January 3rd - Those That Oppose Themselves
January 4th - I Will Guide You
January 5th - Knowing the Heart of God
January 7th - You Have Come to Mount Zion
January 9th - Have Faith in God
January 10th - Behold, I Give You Power
January 11th - Humble Yourselves
January 12th - The Leaven of the Kingdom
January 13th - Look at the Things Not Seen
January 15th - The Things of the Spirit of God
January 16th - The Seed of Abraham
February 1st - Saved by Mercy
February 10th - He Commands His Lovingkindness
February 11th - Seek Him Early
February 13th - Be Thankful
February 14th - He Loved Us
February 15th - He Humbled Himself
August10th - The Blessed Man
August 11th - Delight in the Lord
August 12th - Like a Tree Planted
August 13th - The Leaven of the Kingdom
August 14th - Trust in the Lord
August 15th - All Things Work Together for Good
August 16th - Wisdom from God
August 17th - Cast All Your Cares on Him
August 18th - Seek First the Kingdom
August 19th - Jesus Came to Give Life
August 20th - The Lord is My Shepherd
August 21st - With Long Life
August 22nd - Be Still and Know
August 23rd - Perfect Peace
August 24th - The Lord Will Fight for You
August 25th - Wait on the LORD
August 26th - Peace and Prosperity
August 27th - God is With You
August 28th - Love God
August 29th - Fear Not
August 30th - Call Upon the LORD
August 31st - Effective Prayer
September 1st - Resist the Devil
September 2nd - The LORD is My Helper
September 3rd - The Faithful Man
September 4th - My God Shall Supply
September 5th - Those Who Know His Name
September 6th - His Plans are Good
September 7th - I Will Be With You
September 8th - God is a Rewarder
September 9th - The Benefits of the LORD
September 10th - Whom Shall I Fear?
September 11th - Safety in the LORD
September 12th - Resist Fear
September 13th - He Shall Sustain You
September 14th - The Perfect Heart
September 15th - The Kindness of the LORD
September 16th - Doers of the Word
September 17th - Heirs of Promise
September 18th - If Any Man Love God
September 19th - The Blessing of the LORD
September 20th - Trust and Hope
September 21st - Confess Him
September 22nd - I Will Not Fear
September 23rd - Praying God's Will
September 24th - Look to the Hills
September 25th - The Father Feeds Them
September 26th - The LORD is Near
September 27th - My Glory and My Shield
September 28th - The Ways of Death and Life
September 29th - Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
September 30th - His Word Endures Forever
October 1st - Honor the LORD
October 2nd - The Name of the LORD Our God
October 3rd - Flourish in the LORD
October 4th - Filled With Joy and Peace
October 5th - The LORD Fights for Us
October 6th - Believe in God
October 7th - Meditate in His Word
October 8th - In You Do I Trust
October 9th - Stagger Not at the Promise
October 10th - I Will Take Away Sickness
October 11th - Righteous in Him
October 12th - Holding Your Peace
October 13th - Trusting in Him
October 14th - The Workers of Iniquity
October 15th - I Will Bless the LORD
October 16th - The Power of the Tongue
October 17th - Hearing His Voice
October 18th - Through the Valley
October 19th - When You Stand Praying, Forgive
October 23rd - The LORD Our Righteousness
October 24th - Believe That You Receive
October 25th - Angelic Protection
October 26th - The Lord My Peace
October 27th - Built Upon a Rock
October 28th - Planted in His House
October 29th - Blessed with Favor
October 30th - The LORD My Shepherd
October 31st - A Very Present Help
November 2nd - Through Faith and Patience
November 3rd - Let Peace Rule
November 4th - The Power of Thanksgiving
November 5th - Praise Him for His Goodness
November 6th - Enter with Thanksgiving
November 7th - Make a Joyful Noise
November 8th - The LORD is My Strength
November 9th - It is Finished
November 10th - Praise Him for His Deliverance
November 11th - Walk in His Peace
November 12th - Every Good Gift
November 13th - Built on a Rock
November 14th - The Perfect Law of Liberty
November 15th - He Revives the Broken Ones
November 16th - The LORD Delivers
November 17th - Blessed of the LORD
November 18th - Mighty Upon Earth
November 19th - Righteousness that Endures
November 20th - Light in the Darkness
November 21st - A Good Man Shows Favor
November 22nd - He Shall Not Be Afraid
November 23rd - He Has Given to the Poor
November 24th - Growing in His Knowledge
November 25th - Great and Precious Promises
November 26th - Put Your Hope in God
November 27th - Be Anxious for Nothing
November 28th - Receive the Ingrafted Word
November 29th - An Altar Unto the LORD
November 30th - A Table Before Me
December 1st - The Secret Place
December 2nd - The Precious Blood of Christ
December 3rd - Why So Cast Down?
December 4th - The Power of His Words
December 5th - A Good Man
December 6th - Who Can Stand Against Us?
December 7th - Now Faith Is
December 8th - In Thee Do I Trust
December 9th - Seek Those Things That are Above
December 10th - No Lack for Those Who Seek
December 11th - In Him was Life
December 12th - Cleanse Me from My Sin
December 13th - Look to the Unseen
December 14th - The Deep Things of God
December 15th - No Condemnation
December 16th - Born Again
December 17th - Bridle the Tongue
December 18th - As Newborn Babes
December 19th - There is a River
December 20th - Abraham Believed God
December 21st - Sweet Water and Bitter
December 22nd - Changed by His Word
December 23rd - Remember What Amalek Did
December 25th - The Word was Made Flesh
December 26th - The Financial System of Heaven
December 27th - The Promises of God
December 28th - The Lion of Judah
December 29th - He Took Our Infirmities